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The British Acupuncture Accreditation Board's (BAAB) procedures involve a rigorous three to six year process of Accreditation through which teaching institutions progress from a New Programme Proposal (NPP), through Provisional Accreditation and finally to Full Accreditation. Institutions carry out an exhaustive self-evaluation of their educational methods and standards according to criteria set out by BAAB and the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). Each institution has different course formats, examinations and entry requirements. The minimum training period is three years full time or the part-time equivalent. Specific information about each course, its prospectus, application procedures, fees and its work towards accreditation can be obtained by contacting the institution directly. Please note that the Board takes no responsibility for the support of non-viable courses or for students on courses that cease to be offered. The BAAB is responsible for ensuring educational standards and excellence, whilst teaching institutions are responsible for their own financial management. The BAAB will continue to ensure that exemplary standards of education are maintained at all its accredited institutions.

The institutions listed below are all in a formal relationship with BAAB. Their accreditation status and their graduates' eligibility for BAcC membership will vary according to the category or stage of accreditation they have reached.

Fully Accredited Courses

These are courses that currently substantially meet the requirements of BAAB. Scrutiny of the developed programme has been through documentation, discussion with the course team, students and graduates of the programme, evidence of external examiner reports and students' assessed work and observation of teaching both in the classroom and the clinic. Graduates of these programmes are eligible for acceptance as BAcC members. The institutions are listed in alphabetical order. For more details regarding the institution please click on the particular institution.  


College of Integrated Chinese Medicine      
CNM  College of Naturopatic Medicine


International College of Oriental Medicine UK                   
East Grinstead

London Southbank University




Middlesex University
 NCA Northern College of Acupuncture



*This university is not enrolling new students

University of Lincoln and Lincoln College


*This university is not enrolling new students                              
Westminster University of Westminster

Manchester Metropolitan University


*This university is not enrolling new students


Provisionally Accredited Courses

These courses demonstrate that they are likely to meet BAAB's requirements and are committed to ongoing development of the course towards Full Accreditation by BAAB. Scrutiny of the planned course has been through documentation and discussion with the course team. Graduates of these programmes are eligible to apply for BAcC membership through the individual application route.


taa-logo1a 2

The Acupuncture Academy

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

photo 2

City College of Acupuncture







Institutions with New Programme Proposal

The following institutions have had their New Programme Proposal accepted by the BAAB. These are institutions that have stated their commitment to developing a course for accreditation by the BAAB and are planning to submit for Provisional Accreditation within two years. However, they have not yet submitted documentation for, or been subjected to scrutiny by BAAB for their suitability to be awarded provisional accreditation.

There are no teaching institutions currently in this category

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